Sound Card power issues?

Hey guys, I need some people to bounce ideas off of. I bought a Auzentech Bravura sound card (PCI-E card) about 2-3 months ago, and all was working well in my setup

I7 4.0ghz
Corsair TX750

Until of course recently where my sound card was going ape *** when I would do anything graphically intensive. Ape *** as in not cutting out completely but buzzing out the sound every couple of seconds. If left long enough, the it would totally cut off the sound until I exit the game. Now, when I use ONE card, like take it totally out of my system, that does not happen. Tried changing drivers, tried actually electrical taping my whole bracket and parts of the card just in case of EMI. That was a no workie.

NOWW the only other thing I can think of is the card not getting enough power during high load, as much as I can't believe it myself. That probably means that the PSU is loosing a bit of its juice for I have been running games on this baby for a good 1-2 years at the 4.0ghz overclock, including my 2 SLI GTX 460 at their overclock/overvolt.

Of course this is just speculation to what is happening.

SO in summary 2-3 months of good sound since purchase, now buzzing out when I do something graphically intensive.

Also note: the red LED light the blinks when its on, but during the buzzing it actually does not LOL. CLUE? I THINK YES.
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  1. Could be dieing PSU, but I very much doubt that only the soundcard would be affected. If the Buravia has an extrernal power connector, make sure it is properly secured; it might be comming loose.
  2. The Auzentech Bravura does not have a external power connector, it is all through the PCI-E. So far I have not experienced any other issues with my computer other than the sound card going crazy when SLI the 460s.
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    PCI-E is a serial link, so it isn't a bandwith issue. And I again doubt is a power issue, as I'd expect the GPU's to be affected first.

    Which PCI-E port you using? You could give the PCI-E 4x port a try...
  4. I actually tried that as well, I placed my one of my GPUs on one of the slower PCI-E slots and the next GPU on top of it, then the sound card at the top most. Still buzzing in SLI. Gots me stumped.
  5. LOL well I seemed to have solved it, after trying many different PCI-E slots, taping my whole thing in eletrical tape again, trying different drivers, it fixed itself by just resetting my videocards to default clocks (not just decreasing the overclock). Bah, sound cards.
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