What is the differnece in G.Skill models

ok so i am looking for memory and found what i want... the only problem is that G. Skill offers the same numbers at the same price put on diferent models.. can someone tell me what is the diference between Ripjaws Z line and the trident X line??

these are the ones i am considering:

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  1. Its also newer. Other than that is about the same.

    Trident X is low profile and high profile as well, so if u have large CPU cooler, it will fit for sure.

  2. so that it?? no difference?? just lo/hi profile??
  3. I have the same question. I got Sniper 1866... it is confusing. :pt1cable:
  4. looks, specs, for standard go 1600mhz
  5. They release a new RAM with every release of the new CPU.

    A new CPU launch, such as the 3rd Generation Core family (Ivy Bridge), is accompanied by a raft of new motherboards, memory, coolers and systems.

    Intel says it has improved the integrated memory controller on Ivy Bridge such that running system memory at 2,400MHz-plus should be achievable on a well-engineered motherboard. Faster memory speeds should correlate to better performance, but such is the efficiency of the CPUs' on-chip cache, composed of a three-tier hierarchy, that super-fast memory speeds don't always show a meaningful jump in benchmark scores.

    And say it is optimized for that CPU. Maker that offers only couple of items, would go under soon.

    They must compete an that is why so many RAM modules is out there.

    as the new Ivy Bridge chips feature integrated graphics that are a step above those present on Sandy Bridge models, and the IGP draws its bandwidth allocation from system memory, chances are that 2,400MHz-rated RAM can make a meaningful contribution when gaming on the IGP.
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  7. @ebalong

    go with the noctua nh-d14 it's a beastly cooler out of those 3

    for the ram go with ripjaws X although the orange ares works well too

    they are both ddr 1333, if you can go grab those at 1600mhz, it's like a standard ^_^ there is not that much difference between the 2 buy yeah.
  8. Ok, thanks.
  9. No problem :D
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