GTX 570 SLI - Which PSU should I buy?

Hi guys, yesterday I asked about if my PSU will run 2 GTX 570 SLI fine or not, one said "Yes" and two said "No".
So I just bought 2nd GTX 570 and hoping it for work, but it didn't.

Now I need help with choosing new good PSU and I am not interested on Raidmax PSU since now I have notice they are lowend PSU.
Currently looking at 850W Corsair PSUs but they seems have different version of PSUs, a bit confusing which one will be best for me.
I am looking around max $170 and its will be awesome if there is PSU that can run this set up without any problem!

Here's spec:

CPU - i7 2600k OC@4.0Ghz
Cooler - Noctua NH-D14
M/B - Asus P8P67 PRO
Ram - Kingston Hyper X Genesis 1600 4GBx2 (8GB)
PSU - Raidmax RX 850AE
Case - Cooler Master Haf X (3 230mm fans and 1 140mm fan)

Thank you!

Seems 1000W may be better option for me with these set up, but just wondering is there any good PSU company other than Corsair?
Considering about the price.. Corsair will be out of my choice for 1000W (I do know they're really good but really out of budget)
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    A pair of GTX570's pull about 30 amps, peaking to 40 amps. Figure another 10 amps for the CPU. That is about 500 - 600 watts. Figure 100 - 150 watts for everything else and a good 850 watt PSU will be barely adequate.

    Antec, Corsair, or PC P&C.
  2. I went with the corsair ax1200 80Plus Gold for sli 580's. $279 i believe.
  3. Thanks guys for suggestion, I went there looked suggest PSU and 950W+ PSU but there were only 1200Ws I seen in store with $250+ and weren't many different model of PSU that been suggested..

    So I went for Corsair AX 850W 80Plus Gold, and GTX 570 sli's working perfectly fine without any problem right now.

    So thank you guys for suggestion!
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