Building a gaming system, need advice on good gaming ram...

I searched and didn't find answers to several questions I have.

Here's the build I'm planning:
Chassis - @ 4 year old Dell XPS - free
Mother board - LGA 1366 - free
Processor - Intel iCore 7 960 - $299
HDDs - 250GB SSD and a 3TB HDD - free
Video Card - Radeon HD 7850 - $249.99
Sound Card - Sound Blaster X-Fi titanium fatality edition
Speakers - klipsch 2.1 speakers
OS - Windows 7 - $99

On the MB I have 6 slots for RAM. I was told it's 3 channel RAM and that I need to buy it in increments of 3GB and always have 3 or 6 sticks. In other words 3 X 2GB sticks = 6GB of RAM.

My questions are:

What is the best RAM for this build?

How much do I need? (Just assume I will be playing the most advanced games on the market both online and local)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 6 gb is enough for most tasks. I've seen some used for $50 on craigslist, but offer $40 instead or check newegg for rebate specials. 1333 ram is more than adequate; some boards default to 1066 speed anyway, but you can usually set it manually in the bios for 1333. And do go with 3 or 6 stick kits. If your board is non oem (not dell, hp, etc), then check for a ram qvl listing on the board webpage. It will give you some brands that are tested; you don't necessarily have to match the model number exactly. I recommend standard CL9 ram which runs at 9-9-9-24. Kingston, crucial, corsair, gskill, and patriot are all pretty good and offer lifetime warranties. Also stick with 1.5v rated ram, which is recommended by Intel.
  2. thanks foe reply!

    Where can I find a ram qvl listing?

    What's CL9 RAM?
  3. RAM QVL List should be provided by the motherboard manufacture. You can easily check with the memory manufacturer for the compatiable memory for your motherboard.

    For example::
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