$650 Light Gaming PC - Need Review Please!

Hello everyone. Wanted to hear people's thoughts on the following build. Appreciated!

[CPU] i5-2400
[Cooler] Boxed (will upgrade if necessary)
[Ram] G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)
[GPU] HIS H467QR1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB
[HDD] Have it already.
[Case] Antec Three Hundred
[PSU] CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX

Current cost: $635

I think the key points are:
(1) desire reliability over performance (PSU seems key in this regard)
(2) doesn't have to be awesome for gaming, but should be able to run at reduced settings (hence GPU choice :D )
(3) I've spent some time really researching the PSU...the Corsair seemed like a good call for this build, but would really appreciate the thoughts of anyone knowledgeable. Perhaps the SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold Both seem to have done well in reviews at jonnyguru...

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  1. Looks pretty good, wouldn't hurt to get V2 of the PSU

    What resolution is this for? That 4670 is pretty weak, maybe drop down to a i3-2100 and up that GPU to a 6770/5770 minimum (they're rebrands).

    1) Your build looks good in this regard
    2) If gaming is the primary use, consider a better GPU even for reduced settings (see above)
    4) Excellent, most don't pay any attention to PSU quality. The X is excellent, but it's not a requirement (high price) - the Corsair is plenty good enough.
  2. Ah, good call on V2 of the PSU.

    When you say the 4670 is weak, how weak are we talking? If it can't run something like TF2 or CoD4 at medium-low settings, I'd agree...unfortunately I don't have too much intuition here. I just know my 9800 gx2 does those games justice.

    The intended resolution is 1440x900. I've been back and forth with myself on the GPU issue and up until just recently was considering a SAPPHIRE Vapor-X. I like the suggestion on the i3-2100 -- even price change if the GPU gets swapped with the Vapor-X. Thoughts on this GPU or an alternative?

    Perhaps I'll "break the bank" a bit and get the Vapor-X but keep the i5. If not, at the very least it's a natural upgrade in a few months. I think the computer's user will benefit more from the better CPU based on his usage patterns (father's day gift to replace a Dell 4550...so almost anything/everything is better nowadays).

    Thanks for your advice!
  3. Check out my build guide. Just switch the i3 2100 for an i5 2400 and you'd reach your budget. You don't need a 600w PSU, a 550w is enough. Also, why are you getting an Asrock Extreme4 P67 when that almost costs more than your CPU and the fact that your CPU can't even overclock. If you want play those at a low setting you don't need the option to future CF a single card is good enough.

    The build is here
  4. The Sapphire is good, if you have to choose, get the i3 and it. I'd even go so far as to say (provided this is solely a light gaming build at that resolution), it wouldn't be worth the extra for the i5. For COD etc. especially at medium settings the i3 and 5770 would be a great semi-budget combo.
  5. ^ Wait but he can afford a 5850+i5 2400...
  6. Yes, certainly wouldn't hurt... Just saying his FPS are already going to be high enough at 1440 for COD. If he wants to up his spending a bit above that level, I'd get the GPU upgraded first and the CPU last.
  7. aznshinobi said:
    Check out my build guide...

    Thanks for your comments and the link, I'll be taking a closer look when it comes time to design my own build :D

    I chose some of the components with the idea that at some point in the not-too-distant future, a 2600K could be dropped in along with a nicer GPU. That's why I chose the mobo and PSU that I did. So, while I didn't initially mention it, there's a desire for future upgradeability if it's ever desired. //shrug
  8. True.

    The 2600K is overated, a 2500K is good enough. But I didn't think of that. If that is the case though, spend a little more on the mobo and get this, it's good enough. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130583&Tpk=p67a%20g43

    As for the chip concerns, you might as well get it now then. No point in getting the i5 2400 or i3 2100 now if it costs over half the cost of a i5 2500K.
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