Aight WTF mobo / ram?

Aight so some of you guys know me. I am not a noob - having said this I feel like I have a potentially ultra nooby question.

I got a harddrive error on my box today (I didn't care I was about to format soon anyway). Instead of fixing it I decided to go ahead and wipe everything. Upon attempting to I kept getting blue screens. After some bios fixes here and there - mainly IDE/Sata changes in bios I got it to format using disk utilties. Everything went well until I got to installing windows then I kept getting errors. Now I googled and ton of people pointed towards ram and I figured no way... my ram is top tier and my PSU will go way before... but might as well try. Ran Memtest and BOOM I got like 8000 errors within the first 30 seconds. I was blown away. I was thinking okay now time to test individual sticks but alas, I removed ALL my settings on my overclock and went back to default and ran memtest with both sticks in the mobo again. I am 3 minutes in and zero errors.... wtf?

Its not the ram. So I am theorizing that somehow my board cannot handle a 400 FSB anymore - giving me my perfect 3.8 on stock voltage. Is this possible and has this happened to anyone before?
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  1. Alright update:

    So ever since putting ALL of my bios settings to default my system seems to be installing windows without a hitch. I don't understand man WTF? Have you guys ever had your bios settings suddenly become corrupt or stop working? I mean I have NO idea what happened but my system went from being 100% stable to not being stable at ALL. Like I said I have a feeling my mobo cant handle this FSB anymore but I have no idea how this happened.... Any input would be appreciated!
  2. It can happen on long standing overclocks sometimes, it happened to me on an ASUS socket 775 board. I can't explain why, the board did some skynet like stuff and decided it doesn't like being overclocked anymore, even without hardware damage. I cleared and inputted the same exact settings and I was good for another year or so, go figure.
  3. Thats weird man. I also have an ASUS board... skynet... asus... skynet... asus...
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