Hard drive is turning on but not showing up on any laptops

One day I was using my seagate external hard drive, I use it to store pictures for my business, to edit pictures. The next day I go to use it again and all of a sudden my computer won't read it. I plugged it into my roomates computer and it won't show up there either. The light on the hard drive still comes on so I know its working. It's vital I get this fixed to get these pictures to my customers. Can you tell me what to do???
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  1. The very first thing to check is the USB cable. Swap it with a known, good cable from another device. If that fails to fix the problem, you may need to remove the physical drive from the enclosure itself to recover the files (this assumes the HDD is not defective and some aspect of the enclosure and the USB interface built into it is the issue). Good luck.
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