Asrock K7VT4A Pro & Win7

Hi, is there anyone who has already tried to install Windows 7 on a board with VIA KT400 and C-Media sound, like the Asrock K7VT 4a pro?

I have some trouble finding drivers for the chipset and sound. The system works somewhat, but is not fully functional.

THanks for any input that sheds light on this!

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  1. According to PRO&o=All
    Asrock does not support the K7VT4A Pro beyond Windows XP.
  2. Thanks, for your answer.

    I have tried the Asrock support. For reasons unknown, only after a second try most devices work now, just the recording part of the soundchip doesn't work. Maybe I 'll find some solution for that, but for now i am already using the board. Sound recording is no big deal in this case.

    Ivo (tokko)
  3. Try to right click on the program and select Properties > Compatibility
    You might have some success in the Windows XP compatibility mode.
  4. Good idea, I had not thought of trying this... One thinks that compatability-modes just work with software. For me this didn't work, but thanks anyway!

  5. Does your Device Manager show any bad install device?
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