Asus Rampage 4 Formula board!

Regarding the Asus Rampage 4 Formula board, let say I have 2 x gtx 680s, 1 in the first pci-e slot, and 2nd card in the bottom (4th pci-e slot), will the 2nd card run at 16x? or is it 8x? Im planning to get this board but I just need to clear up some confusions that I had.
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  1. If 2 cards installed then imo x16 but if 3 cards then 3rd will run x8
  2. yea, but the 2nd card will be used in the last slot though, like the one all the way at the bottom, u really think it will run at 16x?
  3. If its like
    [ (x16; x16/x16; x16/x8/x16; x16/x8/x8/x8)
    (1S; 1S/2S; 1S/2S/3S; 1S/2S/3S/4S ) ]

    Then yes
  4. I said it's 1S and 4S, so it won't run in 16x i guess
  5. jincuteguy said:
    I said it's 1S and 4S, so it won't run in 16x i guess

    but why you not wanna put it in 2 slot is there reason ?
  6. Im thought your asking about u wanna do 2 sli thats why i said x16 n for 3 x8 for 3rd
  7. Fatality x79 Champion

    1S/5S = X16/16
  8. yea it's 2 cards in sli, the 1st card is in the 1st slot, the 2nd card is in the 4th slot (bottom). The reason is because the farther the cards apart, the better the temperature will be because they don't get crammed together.
  9. Well buddie i searched for that but i got asrock its give you
    pcie 1 x16 + pcie 5 x16
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