Need replacement card for Geforce 6800 Ultra


I need some advice about upgrading a video card.

It appears that my 6800 Ultra may be dying in my computer.

I have a 510W PSU, so power consideration is a concern.

I read in a different forum that the Geforce GTX 240 is a good compromise for owners who are bottlenecked with older technology.

With my finances as they are, a new system isn't in the cards for me anytime soon. Any thoughts?
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  1. the gt 240 will be significantly faster than your current gpu, but dont expect to play the latest games at full detail. It is as fast as my 4 year old 8800gts which was only the second fastest card out when i bought it. Depending on the specific brand and 12V specs on the psu may determine weather 510w is enough for a better card or not. Also, what CPU do you have, what motherboard do you have and how much ram do you have? Some older motherboards arent compatable with newer video cards.
  2. if the psu is the same age as the card you should by a new one.
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