AMD Athlon II X3 440 vs Intel Core2Duo 7500

which do you guyz prefer for faster gaming expirience between AMD Athlon II X3 400 and Intel Core2Duo 7500...

my only choice are this processors... help me decide...

here are the specs...

AMD Athlon II x3 440 Intel Core2Duo 7500

Motherboard: ASROCK G41C-VS Motherboard: ASROCK N68C-S UCC
Memory: team 2GB DDR3 RAM Memory: team 2GB DDR3 RAM
Hard Disk: Seagate 500GB SATA Hard Disk: Seagate 500GB SATA


help me decide... tnx guyz...
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  1. They are both budget chips running at about the same speed costing about the same.

    The AMD chip, however, has 3 cores. That gives the edge to AMD at stock speeds. And I do not think you can overclock the E7500 enough in a G41 board to make up for the missing core.
  2. i see, what video card can go with AMD?
  3. a 5770 or 6770 (basically the same card) from amd or a 450/460 from nvidia should balance out nicely with that
  4. so basicaly AMD Athlon II x3 440 beats Core2Duo 7500, considering my purpose?
  5. Yes,
    I'd also look to upping your ram to 4Gb and make sure whichever mobo you get has at least a sb710 chipset, that way you can try unlocking the fourth core on it,
    its not guaranteed to work, but its a nice bonus if it does, that first mobo you linked wont do it, the second says it will but its got an nvidia chipset so I'm unsure
    I'd say AsRocks m3a770de is a solid choice, I have two in my house and they're great little plates
    plus, how much editing do you do and whats your total budget here?
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