Efficient modest system w/ 2500k (first build)

so this is my first build as i am usually lazy and just buy a premade. i want to build this around an i5 2500k cpu. i was planning on using my4670 ati card from my last comp as a stop gap, as well as my 500 gig hitachi 7200 rpm hard drive.

first off my comp im using now is a p4 3.0 gig 1 core, with 1 gig ram so anything will be a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade. ive re-evaluated needs and a few parts.

possible items, id appreciate any feedback on quality, known bugs or problems, or compatability issues.

antec case:

power supply:




or from micro center (although i dont know how to get them to ship it to me )

and OS:

Approximate Purchase Date: asap

Budget Range: 600-800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming for sc2 and bf3, streaming movies and such

Parts Not Required: graphics card (ati radeon 4670), and hd (500 gig hitachi 7200 rpm)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, or whatever place is cheapest

Country of Origin usa

Parts Preferences: built around a 2500k, would like emphasis on quality mobo and case.

Overclocking: likely at some point in future at least so i can use 1600 ram

SLI or Crossfire: see above

Monitor Resolution: 1080p

Additional Comments: i might also need a shitty hard drive so i can keep my computer now and give to gf for internet browsing and such. (already has internal gpu)

thanks to everyone for takin the time to go over this
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    What you have listed is great. I'd beef up your gpu when you can and for a HDD to grab, you can get for $35 free shipping.

    I know you wanted a solid motherboard which that is but it doesn't sound like you will be using both PCIe slots or do you intend on using 2xgraphic cards? Otherwise you can save $30 and get

    As far as microcenter, I don't believe they ship. You have to pick it up at the store.
  2. the bundle idea sounds great, but i dont see the point of getting the professional over home, as i dont think ill be using any of the additional features. this is unless im missing an obvious one that id use.

    and ya thats a great hard drive and was one of the ones i was looking at, also i do plan on using 2 graphics card at some point, just not sure if it would be worth it getting the 2nd 4670 or if i should just get 2 higher quality cards in the near future

    In addition im not sure if its a broken link or what, but the alt. mobo link doesnt work. says discontinued or something
  3. There it should work now...I put a period and it made it part of the link. That's what I get for using punctuation.
  4. hmm, i think id rather keep the ability for 2 graphics card for that little amount less.

    was also curious as to the need/benefit of having a modular power supply, as the one i have isnt
  5. Modular is nice for keeping your cables neat and organized. I have one and It's nice being able to move my SATA connections to my hard drives and the PCIe to the graphics and whatnot. The single rail of cables makes it hard when you have a larger case to keep everything connected without using power extensions.
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