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I have a Phenom II X3 720, with a MSI 870-G45, now I've unlocked the 4th core and everything runs ok. now using cpu-z I've noticed some odd behavior. cpu-z says my cpu is set at 1.01 is core voltage, core is at 800mhz, x4 multiplier, 200mhz bus speed, 2000.0 HT (these are the stock mb settings, meaning I just put the cpu in and did not change anything) :>

Now with my cpu at these settings my cpu idle temp is 39c, my mb temp is at 35c.

With these settings I can run say GTA IV on mostly max settings (about 45 fps, my Vid card is a ATI 4850 1gb) during game play my temp jumps to about 52c for the mb (not sure if it means motherboard or chip set, I used Hmonitor )and 42c-58c for the cpu.

now if I run something like Prime64 (64-bit prime95) my temps go to 68c for mb and 65c for cpu on avg tho I have seen 70c a few times. Now even at theses temps its stable tho my whole computer case sounds like a jet about to take off. I have 2 case fans (80 blowing air into the cpu fan and a 120 sucking air out of the case right next to the 80).

Now the odd thing I've noticed is that it seems like my cpu/system is self overclocking when I run something stress full like Prime 64 or say GTA IV. This is my first new cpu in a long time my last was a P4 2.4 ghz so I don't know if this is normal.

So when I run Prime 64 or a game like GTA Iv my cpu-z changes to

1.336 voltage, 2800 mhz core speed, 14 clock multiplier, tho these numbers vary a little.

It this normal for a cpu of this type? I manly ask as I'd like to run Seti (NASA research) at night, but it makes my computer way to loud to keep on and I don't like the cpu to run all night at theses temps.

I have a slightly better then stock cpu fan. (it looks like a stock am3 AMD fan/heat sink but it has 2 copper pipes on each side. I got it on ebay for $9)
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  1. yep ... all system like that because Cool n Quite still active or under auto !
    don't worry about that change, it is good to reduce the heat and voltage
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