I Wish to upgrade an intergrated graphics chip on my laptop

I want to upgrade the graphics chip for my Dell Inspiron with intel (R) 915GMS, 910 GML Express chip set family

I want to be able to run TV/movies on Boxee

AQlso need to upgrade rAM from 248 mb to 512 mb

Can you help
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  1. You can not upgrade an integrated chip. You might be able to upgrade the ram, but I would suggest with how old your system sounds, you might as well buy a netbook.
  2. You PC is ancient, your video cant be upgraded, and upgrading your ram will not help with video, your whole system is to slow.
  3. No can do.

    You need to buy a new laptop if you want better graphics. Additionally, only a few laptops allow you to upgrade the video card. Those laptops are generally in the $1,500+ range.
  4. Not happening...
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