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Hello, sorry for bothering anyone and i dont know where to put this. I just built my very first computer and I was ready to try it out only the monitor did not show anything. My mobo does not give any beeps, so I'm sure everything is connected as it turns on. I did realize that I had trouble putting the Heatsink Fan in as I struggled alot and somewhat forced it, so can this also be a CPU fault? My build is:

Gladiator 600 Case
955 Black Edition CPU
520watt Antec ECO PSU
M5A97 Mobo
G Skill 4(2x2)GB ram
HD 6850 Graphics Card

May anyone help please? Thank you.
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  1. Rebuild the rig without the graphics card and clear the CMOS before powering it up for the first time again.
  2. I have a question about this Toxxyc, what if I have a problem taking off the Heatsink fan? what can I do?
  3. If you have a problem taking it off, you may have installed it wrongly in the first place. If it's the stock fan (which is a bitch to install and take off, I know) you may need some help.

    I've actually just thought of something else though, and it's that that motherboard has no video out. You're going to have to rebuild everything to make sure you did everything right. Also, are you sure the power supply is correctly connected to the graphics card and motherboard (both 24-pin power and 4-pin power connectors)?
  4. try in out case ... remove anything , test use motherboard + CPU + PSU + speaker mobo just it ( No RAM /HDD) , if you don't hear Beep, remove CPU, install again, sure secure properly, try use Stock Cooling first.
  5. Thank you gentlemen for helping me. I am checking both suggestions to see if anything is wrong with it. So far I hear no beeping from BOSDOT's suggestion, so I will install the CPU again. And as for Toxxyc's suggestion, yes the Stock CPU fan really is a pain but I will attempt to rebuild the PC once again just in case I put every single thing correctly. I will inform what happens after I rebuild the PC in my next post. Once again, thank you.

    I will also like to note that my friend suggested that the Graphics card needs the drivers to work on the mobo, but since I don't have a video out on my MOBO, this might be very different, but I will rebuild and try again to see if any parts are either connected right or misplaced.
  6. Ok, I'm not sure if you can doublepost on these forums but after I removed the Heatsink fan, it pulled the Processor along with it, is this normal or does this mean that I need to replace my Processor now?
  7. Remove cpu from socket, Check pin cpu from bent. And clean it, replace thermal paste and Put cpu and sure secure properly, if still in the case put larger plastic behind blackplate .. Just secure from short circuit
  8. Ah it seems I need to buy a new thermal paste, but I also have another question. I noticed that I was using a magnetic screwdriver all along, but I was very careful with it and only used it to mount screws to the motherboard, was this a bad idea?
  9. If you have non magnetic use it .. I jusy wondering contac chip , maybe bad idea use magnetic .. Just remember pinhole socket am3+ bigger than am3 socket and this need double check secure
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