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I work with AutoCAD, Photoshop, Microsoft Office and In Design primarily. I often have all of these applications open and active at once. My current system (Intel P4) is slow and often locks up. I have used both Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit)and both seem to be about the same. I am willing to build another computer, but want to know right CPU, motherboard and video card to use. Can anyone help?
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  1. I am going to be building a computer that I will use for business. I often use the following programs: MS Office, Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCAD and Acrobat. I often have them all opened and active. My present computer, running XP or Windows 7 (32 bit) is a P4 is very slow and often locks up.

    Can someone suggest a CPU, motherboard and video card?
  2. Hello!
    The best build for you is i5 2500k!With a good p67 motherboard so you can overclock!
    Acrobat??Is it adobe acrobat?
  3. Like I say to anyone planning on buying a new CPU these days - DO wait until June 20th when Bulldozer comes out. You never know what that might bring.
  4. Since you don't play games ,therefore I think a high speed dual core would be suffcient.
    Go for intel core i3 2120 and AMD Radeon HD 6570.I would suggest a h61 based chipset like ASUS P8H61-M , MSI H61M-P23 or whatever you like.Moreover I would suggest you to add an SSD of size 40GB or more .That would give you great system responsiveness.
    Or you might wait for Liano APUs from AMD.
  5. it would really help if you could provide a budget.
  6. it would really help, if you could mention your budget.
  7. there is one more thread with the same content by you!!!!I have posted there.
  8. sayantan said:
    there is one more thread with the same content by you!!!!I have posted there.

    lol, just saw that, i have posted on both too :P
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