Gpu , monitor and case help

Case cosmo s vs obsidian 800d vs haf x (942) or which one I think obsidian or haf x
Gpu gtx 590 vs gtx 580 (maybe sli or not) or ati 6990 I think 690
Monitor dell u2410 vs eizo foris vs HP ZR24w vs hp lp2475w

Concerning monitor does it worth to get the dell u2711 or an eizo (cheap one) ?
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  1. haf x almost as well as the 590, its cheaper, and if u buy another 1 in the future for sli itll work twice as good as the 590 (which is built in sli)
    definitely ignore the dell and the eizo...i think your best bet is the zr24w. Go to to look for cheaper ones as well.

    If you plan to game in 3d your monitor has to be 120Hz, ~all of those are 60.

    Good luck with your build and ask if you need more help :)
  2. Ok with the case and the gpu , later sli.
    Concerning the monitor , i don't actually want it for gaming .Mostly for photo and video editing , multimedia , university and just a little gaming
  3. Then I'd go with the cheapest one. They're all 24"...I paid about $150 for mine (Dell), 24", and it works perfectly. I'm a software engineer so I spend a lot of time with photo editing and multimedia as might be better off just by going to Target and checking the monitors they have there.

    It doesn't really seem like money's an issue for you...if so, go with the Dell. You'll have a good warranty plus an excellent monitor.
  4. Ok then i think i'll go for the dell one .Thank you
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