Best graphics card to get?

Hey guys,

I'm sort of stuck on which card would give me the best performance.

I currently have a GTX 470 SSC from EVGA. My choices are, getting another 470 since its so cheap now, to SLI. Selling my 470 and getting a 570/possibly 580. Or getting a 6970.

I have multiple monitors that I could use for gaming but can't with just one 470, so with 2 I could use my monitors. With a 570/580 I couldn't. With a 6970 I would get Eyefinity. What choice would give me the most performance?

GTX 570
GTX 580
Radeon HD 6970

A list of most to least powerful would also be appreciated.


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  1. Most performance would come out of GTX470 SLI setup!
    GTX470 SLI>GTX580>GTX570>=<HD6970
  2. What's your native resolution?
  3. (1920 x 1080) x4
  4. Radeon HD 6970 for sure!

    also better for multiple monitors!
  5. Why do you say 6970?
  6. it has 2GB of VRAM, definitley get the HD6970.
  7. If you are gaming at that resolution on 4 monitors, then yes go for the HD6970. However, don't expect to crank up the settings without crossfiring another one.
  8. SLI
  9. swifty_morgan said:

    crossfire is better than SLi right now,2865-10.htm
  10. I don't care what's "better" right now. 2 470's in sli will give great performance and better play when physix are in play. I'd go for a second 470. That's my opinion and that's what was asked.
  11. get 6970 in multi monitoring its best cause of additional VRAM and no any single nVidia can go up to 2 monitors.. 2 470s will produce huge amount of heat and also have big power consumption, and actually its 470SLI>580>6970>570
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    if you really want to play at 1080p x 4 get 2 6970s, maybe start off with one and see how you will have to scale things back, then buy the second when you can, but imo that will be better than 470 sli, plus your using multi monitors which points towards eyeinfiinity imo, so id sell the 470s and get a 6970 then a second as soon as you can...

    thats one side of the argument but on the contrary I'd say that it would be hard to pass up 470 sli if you can deal with them (case, airflow, psu etc) since they are so damn cheap now, just really depends on what you are looking for but the 6970s scale really well! If you like nvidia and physx get a second 470, if not two 6970s will be even more powerful and likely more futureproof. In the end get what you want because you wil be dropping a lot of loot to begin with so don't dissapoint
  13. 1 GTX 470 = 1.25GB Vram, 2 = 2.5GB Vram so I don't know what you're trying to say.

    As far as the order of power, the 6970 is not always better than the 570. I've actually seen more instances of the 570 perform better than a 6970 so I consider them even.

    The reason I said two 470's instead of two of any other cards is because the 470 is so cheap now. If I had the money to throw around on 2 6970's then that would have been in the list of options.
  14. no 2 gtx 470 in sli does not equal twice the vram, you will still be using 1.25 gb of ram, that is why I suggested the 6970 2 gig crossfire, but either will do good
  15. But the overall performance is increased if you SLI. The GPU would perform almost twice its power if the cards scale well. Wouldn't that be enough to counterbalance the lack of vram? I know that when SLI/Crossfiring, only the primary cards Video memory is used.
  16. yes your right performance would be increased in sli, but not as good as 6970 crossfire although the vram isn't everything and 2 gigs is not necessary, so either choice is a good one depending on what route you wan to choose, imo
  17. for example 470 sli will beat a gtx 580 but lose to 6950 crossfire
  18. Thanks

    I think the decision now comes down to whether I want the eyefinity raise in performance or whether the SLI + PhysX is more appealing.
  19. The thing is that I already have 1 470, getting another one would be inexpensive since they're so cheap now.
  20. exactly it comes down to want specifically you want and what games you play, overall I think 470 sli is best choice bc then you dont have to sell and lose money on your current 470
  21. they are a good deal now, def get another 470 for sli, let me know how it works out
  22. Yeah that's what I was thinking too, I wouldn't need to go through the hassle of selling my first card. Plus I already play games that support physX.
  23. I have 6870 crossfire, which is similar to 470 sli and they spank pretty much any game I throw at them on high at 1080p with 8xaa
  24. Would you happen to know if SLI allows both GPU Vram's to be used for rendering programs such as 3ds Max or Maya?
  25. nope thats not how it works, but you will have better rendering power overall, it should be plenty fast for maya
  26. So there's no possible way to ever accumulate VRAM at all huh?

    Quite a drag.
  27. nope sorry just have to buy a single card armed with a lot of it thats why some of the high end workstation cards have a lot of vram, but can cost like 3k sometimes so.. if your going for that type of build then its gonna cost way more than 470 sli :) but you will have excellent gaming performance at least
  28. I was just curious. I think most likely I'll just go with 470 SLI, I'll keep this thread open for another day to see if anyone has any strong objections. Thanks though.
  29. No question that 470 SLI is powerful and cost effective in your case. An upgrade to a single more powerful card would not be significant and going for two of them would be expensive.
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  31. Thanks for the help guys.
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