Liquid Cooling CPU overheating, fixable?

Let me just start by describing my situation and what I've done to fix it, time and time again, although this time I am unable to fix it. I know for a fact its my CPU overheating, coretemp reports my CPU at about 110+ degrees Celcius before it shuts down, it only gets that hot when I'm gaming for 20+ mins. GPU sits at about 50 degrees C.

Anyways, I've had this problem for last month or two, and have fixed it time and time again, I cracked case originally a little bit and put desk fan on CPU and big room fan on the whole computer, fixed. Then two weeks later it would overheat again, I cracked case open more and moved big room fan pointing into computer, fixed. Now despite what I do it still overheats after 20+ mins of gaming, before when it was overheating, I at least got 1 hour+ of gaming, now only 20 mins. Removing case and putting room fan directly on whole computer doesn't help, if anything it seems a little worse. Making small movements to how cracked my case is and where deskfan and room fan are make no difference. I am just lost on what to do to see what is causing the problem.

I have a case fan, liquid cooling mastercooler aquagate mini on CPU, PSU fans, desk fan and room fan. The system is old, about 5 years, but I was able to fix it before, why am I not able to fix it now? Please at least point me in the direction of finding out what might be failing or what I can do to lower temparatures. Any extra information I will be glad to provide. Thanks ahead of time. AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 4200 CPU, 2gb ram. All fans are working and have been recently dusted, again and again.
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  1. Sounds like your CPU water block may not be making good contact. I suggest you remove, clean, and reinstall.

    Also make sure that your water pump is actually pumping.
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