Nvidia 210 and ECC memory?

Hi People,
I have a slight problem.
So I have an ATI 4350 Video card in my HTPC, an Asus A8N-SLI board, AMD 64 3700+ CPU, GB. Lan card, and 4GB DDR 266 ECC RAM.
I wanted to get some GPU acceleration, so I went ahead and bought an MSI Nvidia 210 videocard so I could watch HD movies with low CPU usage...
So I uninstalled the ATI drivers, restarted the computer in safe mode then used drivercleaner to remove all ATI traces on the compey.
I then shut off the computer, popped out the ATI card, and slid in the new 210. Bios came up fine with the new card, but when I get to windows loading, I got a BSOD with classpnp.sys. I tried it with another video card I had, a PCI Matrox from 1996, and the same thing happened with the bsod. I put the ATI card back in and it booted up just fine! I found that strange.
I also tried reinstalling windows 7 on it with the Nvidia card in. I would start to load the CD, and when it got to "starting windows" after loading off the CD, it would BSOD with a plethora of random stops. I figured it must be the memory, so I put in some non ecc ddr400 and the CD booted up and installed windows just fine. The install CD also booted just fine with the 4gb ECC 266 memory with the ATI card...
After I reinstalled windows with the nvidia card, I tried to put my 4gb ECC in, and it just had more random BSOD's at startup...
I guess I have two questions... Why would the computed BSOD with all but an ATI card in it, and why does the Nvidia 210 not like my ECC 266 memory?
Thanks for the help!!
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  1. you do realise the gt210 is worse than your 4350....... if you want to not waste your money the best card for htpc is 5570
  2. Yeah, but the nvidia card has CUDA and all the codecs that decode MKV's for Media center only support hardware decoding on Nvidia cards... unless you can point me to one that supports ATI cards?
  3. all ati carrds support hardware acceleration, particularly the newer 5xxx series. Anyway, to fix your problem, i think you may have a faulty vid card and i dont understand why you would use ecc memory? most non-server motherboards have issues with it. look at the motherboard manual to see weather or not it is supported. also a BIOS update for the motherboard would be advisable.
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    "...decode MKV"

    MKV is a container. It is the "glue" that holds the audio and video together (and subtitles if present).

    Hardware acceleration has NOTHING to do with the container. What happens is the CPU uses a software-based MKV splitter to separate the audio and video, then they are sent off to the audio card and video card (if hardware accelerated for video) respectively.

    ECC memory:
    If it's working in one situation it SHOULD be working in the other. Your video card and System RAM should not affect each other in the slightest. I'm not sure what's going on there.

    At any rate, I'm unsure why you bought that NVidia card.

    My ATI hardware acceleration doesn't work properly since driver version 10.8 or 10.9. The colour looks horrible especially during darker scenes. I've had to turn it off. You should compare some scenes with your hardware acceleration OFF and ON. They should look basically identical. I have an HD5870.

    Media Center:
    If you have 64-bit Windows (most do now) and wish to use Windows Media Center you need to install BOTH the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of K-Lite. Go to (pretty stupid that the 32-bit version works with Windows Media Player and the 64-bit version works with Windows Media Center).

    Personally I just Windows Explorer and have my videos assigned to MPC-HC (via K-Lite 32-bit). The boldface DXVA in settings are the hardware accleration. AVC (aka H.264) is the most common codec now and is slowly replacing all others (most BluRay is AVC).
  5. ECC Memory is supported by the mobo...
    So, I am deciding to stick with the ATI card I already had... I downloaded XBMC and for some reason or another playback is great in it, unlike the choppy video in MCE. XBMC actually uses the card to decode, unlike MCE which used the CPU no matter what codec or driver I used...
    Thanks for clearing up things for me, and as for the Nvidia card and ECC, I guess we will never know because I am not ripping that PC apart again!
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  7. You should also try "Boxee" (for Windows) if you have not yet tried it.

    Boxee's best feature (to me) is how it can pull down the information for movies and TV shows.

    If you have many TV episodes in a folder you can update ALL the episodes. For example, if I had a folder "Star Trek Enterprise Season One" with 26 episodes they could be named "STENT #1" etc and Boxee will automatically assign the PROPER name with episode title for ALL episodes (and a description).

    I like my Western Digital TVLIVEHUB but I think now I would have preferred the Boxee Box.
  8. I have tried Boxee, and I like it about the same amount as XBMC except it won't play my HD MKV's like XBMC will. XBMC has all the information pulling capabilities like boxee too. It is a toss up between the two, and if I can find a nice codec, I will be switching back to boxee!
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