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I have recently started a business building custom PCs and would like to have my logo/brand on them. I was wondering what the best way to do this would be.

One way would be to find a company that manufactures plastic/metal stuff and have them create cases by my design. Another way would be to find a current case manufacturer that would build cases for me.

I'm really not sure where to look because the info on this is scarce and it's not like the other computer parts where I can simply order from a distributor since the case needs to be branded.
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  1. as a mechanical engineer, i can tell you right now that the biggest question is volume. since you just started, im assuming that youre talking about >100 units. fabricating a custom case in those volumes is going to be unaffordable. i would call major case manufacturers and inquire. email wont get you anywhere. sometimes you have to call the same company multiple times hoping you will connect to different people just to ask the same question.
    my guess is that you wont be able to do much better than modifying an existing case, be it by engraving or by replacing certain parts (ie the front or side panels), and even that is probably going to make your costs too high.
    i think your best bet is a custom paint job.
  2. A custom paintjob would be ideal, but I'm fairly certain that would require some kind of legal contract with the case manufacturer. Pretty sure I can't just buy a case, scratch off their logo, and add my own to it. Any ideas on where to look for info on that? I've tried calling a few different case companies multiple times and can't seem to get anyone important. Just answers read from a cheat sheet, and they always refuse to patch me through to a higher up.

    Not entirely sure how anyone orders from these companies unless they fly out and meet in person because I simply can't get ahold of anyone but generic customer service reps.
  3. Vinyl stickers . Peel the backing off and press them on .

    They should last 5 + years which is going to be more than the life of the computer . And so long as you dont over do it they can look pretty classy
  4. Well I did some research and stumbled upon a few sheetmetal manufacturers in China that make cases for as little as $2/case with a minimum order of 100. That seems like a very good route to go assuming they make decent quality products.

    But it got me wondering if anyone had a list of suppliers for the big case companies like Antec and Lian Li. I can't seem to figure out which suppliers make their cases and I'd like to contact their suppliers for pricing as well to see if the ones I found last night are too good to be true.
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