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Is this card good? Especially on hard gaming.
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  1. light, casual gaming should be fine. hard gaming definitely not. but on low resolution you might be able to push medium to high for in-game setting. btw what is your system spec? what is your preferred gaming resolution?
  2. You might be able to look at porn @1080p with that vid card that's about it.

    Get a 6850+ or a 560ti (depending if you prefer nvidia or amd) if you want to do any type of hard gaming. 6850 or 560ti will cut it for most games @maxed settings but not all.
  3. tell us your system specs, monitor resolution and budget. then we will find you the best GPU you can get.
  4. my pc specs.

    Pentium 4 3.00Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard
    1GB DDR2 667
    750GB SATA HDD
    ATX 500W

    I plan to upgrade my processor and ram at least Dual Core 1333mhz and 4GB soon. But for now i just want to upgrad/ ordered Geforce GT430 1GB DDR3 128bit since the HD5570 more expensive. My budget for graphic card for now is RM240 ($79 like that). I dont have credit card, paypal or any international card/busines to buy item outside my country. So i just want to buy around my country. Then i found these two cards hd5570 and gt420. Looking at my budget, i can get the gt430. Will it compatible with my motherboard?
  5. Really, I would suggest you to save your money for now and BUILD a WHOLE new gaming PC when you have money...
    Your current specs are too weak to play any latest games.
  6. I agree with Wa1. Like completely agree, lol.
  7. yes it will be, but if you want to be gaming you should upgrade both your CPU and GPU. that gt430 sucks at gaming, you should start saving up some money and then buy some better parts like a Q9550 and a GTX 460 1gb if you want to game on good graphic settings. you didnt tell us the monitor resolution :)
  8. what is your gaming resolution? it is hard to recommend without knowing your exact resolution. this is review for GT430:
  9. and more RAM
  10. yes 4gb of ram would be recommended.
  11. TheTrueGamer said:
    I agree with Wa1. Like completely agree, lol.

  12. Sometimes I run games with 800x600 resolution. But mostly, I run games with 1024x768 resolution. I don't care the higher the resolution the better the game, but I just want my game no lag, 99% smooth, and i don't care much about the graphic of the games. Its enough if the games look "standard graphic look". And forget to tell, I use CRT dell monitor with 17' flat screen. Is crt monitor suitable to use for gaming?

    AND, why did people said GT 430 good and some said crap, bad, etc?I saw people who use this graphic card can run game very well, they play Black Ops, Crysis, GTA, Football, etc with no problem (Crysis is a bit lag). When I go to cyber cafe, and I check their graphic card, the computer I use is using Nvidia GT 430 1GB DDR3, then I try play the game on that computer.

    The game on the computer I use which is use MSI GT 430 1GB DDR3

    BlackOps = smooth
    Crysis = a bit lag (97% smooth)
    Football = Very smooth
    GTA = smooth
    other games = absolutley NO PROBLEM

    So, i wonder maybe this graphic card is not bad but the processor and the system memory must be superb. They use intel i7-990X Extreme Edition and up to 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz of ram.
    So, anyone who ever use this graphic card, how is this graphic performance?
  13. sorry, its nvidia not msi. Nvidia gt 430
  14. if you play on lower resolution such as 1024 x768 you should be fine. but if you can get GT240 that is even better. some people here say GT430 or something comparable to it as junk because when you mention 'hard gaming' people will consider you will play with no less under 1920x1080 resolution and all in game setting must be max out with frame rates no less than 60. btw for your pc either GT430 or GT240 will be bottlenecked by your pentium 4 processor. for cheap route just upgrade you processor to C2D or C2Q and add more RAM later (but DDR2 RAM are getting harder to get and the price also more expensive than DDR3). the better route is to change you platform entirely. however it will cost more than just upgrading your cpu and RAM. take your pick
  15. oh my bad. Actually the motherboard i have now is to replace my old msi mtherboard. I bought it in 2009 and that time there were two mtherboard. The other one was also gigabyte but support ddr3 ram. I chose my mtherboard now so my ram and procesor will fit into it. And the prices same. Actually the Quad Core processor is not so expensive now, but it cost almost a thousand when it came to my country. Anyway, i think i want to upgrde my procesor C2D or pentium dual core.
  16. better go straight for C2D such as E7500. but the price will be in MYR300+ range. for the Pentium Dual core (such as E5XXX) it will be around MYR250+ if i'm not mistaken.
  17. Last question before I choose the best answer, how to check what processor is good? Is it by looking the Ghz or the FSB. For example;

    Intel Core 2 Duo maybe 2.6Ghz with 1066FSB


    Pentium Dual Core maybe 3.00Ghz 800FSB

    Sorry for asking.
  18. The architecture of the CPU itself is more important, in this case, Core 2 Duo is generally better than Dual Core CPU.
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    maxson said:
    Last question before I choose the best answer, how to check what processor is good? Is it by looking the Ghz or the FSB. For example;

    Intel Core 2 Duo maybe 2.6Ghz with 1066FSB


    Pentium Dual Core maybe 3.00Ghz 800FSB

    Sorry for asking.

    normally people would look on the frequencies not the FSB but the whole performance are determine by other spec that build the processor as well. however different architecture cannot be compared directly according to their operated frequencies. normally the new architecture are more efficient than the older one even the new one operate at much lower frequencies. for examples core i5 750 clocked at 2.66Ghz are much more faster than Q9550 clocked at 2.83Ghz. between the two that you list above the C2D processor are better.
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