Self-restarting PC after lost video signal

Hello every one. I have a problem, the machine is normally working and suddenly lose the display signal, the monitor starts to flash as not connected to the computer and the computer restarts. The system does not recognizes that as windows failure and the computer restarts by its own, normally working until the next failure.
I dont know where to look for.
The CPU is not overclocked and the video card is the onboard one.
It is an Asus p5kpl-CM motherboard with a dual core processor.
Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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  1. This is standard checking !
    what is your PSU ?

    Unplug power ac from psu, Clean all hardware, fan cpu, clean ram, clean slot ram , replace thermal paste will be better.
    clear cmos also OK

    check all cable connection , Try turn on pc use 1stick ram (if you have 2stick) , if your pc can turn on press F8 go safemode let @minute, restart
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