Asus p8z77 question regarding pcie slots

I was wondering if there is any diffrence between the blue or white PCIE 3.0 slots? I will be using a single GPU setup. It seems most people put a single GPU in the blue(closer to the cpu) slot. Basically the upper most PCIE 3.0 slot.

The reason I ask this is because I want to fit a pcie 1.0 soundcard into the board but I would rather not put it abover or below the GPU to try and keep both cards cooler. Or would it not hurt the GPU/soundcard to have them virtually touching eachother?

Do PCIE 1.0 cards with the tiny fin fit into the full length slots? If this is true I can just put the card in the pcie 2.0 slot at the bottom.
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  1. which mobo you got ?
  2. I have the same issue so to speak with two of my ASUS mobos. I have the ASUS P8Z77-V mobo and the same LK suffix board as well. I have a sound card and a GPU alolng with a wifi card that I intended to put on the "-V" board, but ran into the same pcie slot issue as above.

    The "-V" board says that you will run a x8 in slot2 in SLI (2gpu) form. And it says "N/A" for running single gpu in slot2.

    However, the "-V LK" says something a little confusing. It list the slot2 to run in single gpu @x16 or (x8 -x8). I would love to take this as meaning the -V LK is optional. In this case I would take that option and use this mobo for the build with the sound card, gpu, and wifi card. The other build is my wife's and doesn't get a sound card so the "-V" board will suffice in single gpu in pcie slot1 form.

    Anyone know if the Asus p8Z77-V LK will actually run in x16 with a single gpu in pcie slot2?
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