Question about my motherboard and dedicated PhysX

Hey guys i have a MSI p67-gd65

and right now i have SLI GTX 560 and I'm a little confused on what all the other slots are to be honest, based on the description. Help would be nice, I would like to use the SLI and whatever cheapy card I can get just for PhysX for whatever games utilize it, like metro 2033.

Any recommendations on what I can/could use? if anything on the market? Or am I outta luck using an older card on this board?
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  1. Also want to add in case my question makes no sense. I'm just confused on what slots my board has and what cards (if any) I could use.
  2. anyone? I finally found the majority of my information myself after 2 hours of googling. My only question is if I did use a card in a X1 slot will it steal the bandwidth from my x16 slots for my SLI?
  3. no you cannot run a 3rd card as physx. you only have 2 pcie slots.
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