None of the games other than bfbc2 work

ok i have a gtx 460 1 gb and a 1300*720 monitor and i have the latest beta drivers with win 7 ultimate 32 bit and none i mean none of the games other than bfbc2 work i just installed crysis 2 demo and it wont eve start only gives me that app crash error thingy and cod bo and cod mw dont work they used to before and nvidias 3d vision compnents like the setup photo viewer none of them work i tried 266.58 27x.xx... but they just dont work please help me im sooo dessperate
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  1. Are you sure you have enough power on your PSU?
    And make sure you installed the correct driver for your GTX460.
  2. easier if you list down your system spec first :)
  3. c2d @1.8 ghz 1.5 gb of ram gtx 460 and a 600 watt cooler master earthwatts psu even less demanding games dont work i play bfbc2 in steroscopic 3d @34 fps all details at high and aa @8 xQ antistrotipic filtering @ 16x
  4. but split second velocity cod mw ... none of them work i tried all of the drivers 266.58 whql 27x.xx beta... oh god help me out its driving me crazyyyy
  5. try to do clean driver install using driver sweeper. did you have other gpu prior to installing the GTX460?
  6. Core 2 duo 1.8 ghz and 1.5GB ram? Im surprised any game runs well except very old ones.....

    Win 7 eats up 800MB ram, and if u got anything else, you might have under 500 mb of ram free for gaming.
    But you should reinstall the drivers, especially if you allow windows to autoupdate, as it might change the Nvidias drivers if it thinks its and "update".
  7. @ cats paw if you say so then how come chess titans , mine sweeper, purble palace, cod mw dont work i dont think these are demanding??
  8. and one more thing i phrased the question wrong no 3d application works other than bfbc2 the setroscopic 3d setup wont launch for gods sake i feel lkie throwng mylesf off the 23rd floor!! and i dont have another gpu other than the on board stuff
  9. ok in a desprate attempt i am going to format my pc do you think it will be worth the try?
  10. If chess and minesweeper don't work then I don't think the graphics card is the problem. Perhaps the drivers are messed up, but then why would BFBC2 work with high settings? Weird.

    Perhaps EA finally decided to bring something sneaky into it's games so that your comp will only play EA games. They are greedy. :lol:

    If ALL ELSE fails I would reformat, but do so as a last option. I would try system restore first.
  11. i5 750 or an amd 6 core ... and i formatted and itsall ok
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