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Alright so with spring in the air and ambient temps on the rise my EVGA GTX 470 decided to clear its throat today while playing Dragon Age 2 in DX11 ( I know it needs a patch soon). Anyways I saw the superclocked version of this card has a high flow bracket and metal back plate. I was wondering if anyone can find where to get the back plate.
They make one for the 480s, but I can not find one that is not for a water block solution for a 470. I was wondering if the 480 will fit.
I would like to mount a 120 mill to the plate to cure some fire this 470 blows out the back. I know there plenty of aftermarket coolers for sale but they void the lifetime warrenty this card comes with. However installing the high flow bracket and back plate do not since EVGA offered the high flow bracket for free if you registered your card before Aug 21 2010. I bought mine in November. I have read claims that the high flow bracket and back plate can drop the temps 3-5 C.
This was the first time I got this card to kick the fan up past 70% and I have played Metro 2033 for hours. Guess my case cooling can not keep up anymore. Ambient temp 33-38 under load 55-74 normally. Which means I finally got the card to go over 75C I know its built to into the 80s-90s but that just isn't acceptable. I did some benchmarking and what not and got a few crashes and artifacts when the temp went over 80.
So if anyone knows where to get a back plate like the superclocked version or the 480 let me know please.

Mobo: MSI 870A-G54
CPU: AMD X6 1090T Black edition
RAM: 8GB (2x4)Corsair XMS DDR 3 1600
PSU: Corsair 750TX
CASE: Thermaltake Element V Black Edition
GPU: EVGA GTX 470 1280
Display: ASUS MX 24 1920x1200
Creative X-fi gamer, Coolermaster hyper N 520 cpu cooler , 1 TB Western Digital Cavair Black 7200 6.0gbs
Logitech G-51 5.1, G11 Keyboard, MX 5000 lazer mouse.
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  1. This is just about case cooling:

    Your system should have a 120mm case fan at the FRONT-BOTTOM and at least one more at the TOP-REAR. They need not be loud of fast.

    As long as your graphics card isn't crashing under normal use I wouldn't worry about it.

    I also wouldn't overclock your CPU (in case you are). It wouldn't make a difference in games anyway.
  2. I don't think case cooling is really the issue here. The Element V case comes with a 220mil side fan 2 120 mill fans on the front 1 120 mill fan on the top and 1 120 mill fan on the rear all connected to a fan controller on the top of the case. My CPU cooler also has 2 120 mil fans. Also no overclocking is currently set. I tested it out on both the CPU and GPU very minor temp increase on the cpu going from 3.2 to 3.6. Reset to default afterwards made little to no difference on benchmark tests. Overclocking the GPU added 4 C idle did not even bother with a benchmark just reset to normal after seeing the temp increase.

    My question was will the back plate that EVGA sells on there website for a GTX 480 fit on the GTX 470. There is a superclocked version of the standard GTX 470 that comes with the back plate and high flow bracket. I was looking to add this to my GTX 470 so I can mount a fan to the top of the plate, because an aftermarket GPU cooler will void the lifetime warranty this card came with.
  3. The backplate and high flow bracket should fit for the GTX 470. There is no difference in dimensions between the 470 and 480 or reference PCB layout. A review I saw showed the high flow plate reducing temperatures by 1c.
  4. Sweet deal Matto thanks for the reply that was all I needed to know.
  5. Actually, according to some posters over at the EVGA forums...the 480 backplate is slightly larger and the PCB screws may be in a slightly different location.
  6. I hope I didn't steer you wrong. I found the High Flow bracket, which is interchangable, but not the backplate. EVGA only has the GTX 480 backplate listed, and it doesn't say that it is compatible with the 470. - Hardware&sw=4
  7. Well I did a bit more digging the screw holes are a bit off but it looked like you can use the waterblock backplate and just cut in a hole for a fan. Not sure if that voids the warrenty or not. Still poking around, emailed EVGA again still no reply. Wondering if I could just get a sheet of fan mesh and mod that to fit. Maybe make some pressure clips and avoid screws. I am pretty sure just clipping something to a card won't void the warrenty. Not like they could tell if you just took it off if you had to send it in.
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