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CPU Smart Fan Settings

My question is about the smart CPU fan settings in the bios. Firstly i come from an old core2, P45 system and
have just recently upgraded to Z77 motherboard chipset.

Ok let me give it a shot first, my particular bios is (ClickBios II)

1)-Lets say i set my CPU target temperature at 50c and my fan speed at 12.5%, would that mean that until my
CPU reaches 50c my fan speed spins at 12.5%, which is 1200rpm in my case, then full speed wants threshold
is reached, is this correct ?
2)- Does it only kick in wants all the cores have reached 50c, or does it just take one core ?
3)- What would be the recommended settings, if I just run Turbo-boost on an I7-2700, no manual overclocking ?

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    I'm gonna reply in reverse.
    #3 If your going to run everything in stock settings - which turbo is - then the auto fan speed(s) setting will do it all for you. If you are going to turn off the cpu temp control (eist e3 e6) setting so the cpu doesn't throttle back to help keep temps under control then you can still just leave them in auto and it will be fine. Probably just run the fan faster a little more ofter.

    #2. It will kick in when any 1 core reaches 50*C

    #1. Saved it for last because I've never actually used clickbios II so I'm not positive. I will ask though, if you are setting the auto fan speed why are you also setting the speed at 12.5%? If you are using auto @50*C why not let the fan controller run the fan at all time? It will be quieter when not needed and only spin up during demands which will also save electricy. Now, I could be wrong but I would be afraid that if I set it at 12.5% the bios might think I want THAT number to be the maximun. You should of course leave the side off the case and verify that it will increase past that point before believing either way. I say, that unless your fan is really noisey I would run it at 100% all the time. The cooler you keep the cpu the beyter off you are.
  2. Under Cpu Min Fan Speed i only have 8 stages starting from 0% to 87.5%, there is no Auto, only under SYS Fan1 Control is there auto and also % stages, i aslo dont intend to change the cpu temp controll (eist e3 e6).
    With the above settings (original post) i ran a game Stalke COP, everthing maxed, 1900x1080, and DX11 for about 6 hours, while doing so i was monitoring the temps with Core Temp. The hottest my cpu ran was 53c, 56c,53c,52c , is this ok ?
  3. Those are good temps. As long as you don't start seeing a lag in the cpu performance than I would also leave the cpu thermal controls unchanged as you did.
  4. Ok i feel more comfortable now and thankyou. It just that ive been out of the tech game for a while, have just recently upgraded to SandyBridge from Core2 and there are a lot of settings in the new bios im still trying to understand :??:
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