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Most Important Specs in a Video Card [Nvidia]

Just wanted to make sure I've got the right state of mind here when considering graphic card performance [Nvidia].

1. CUDA Cores/Stream Processors

2. Shader Clock

3. Core Clock

4. # of Memory

5. Memory Speed

6. Memory Bandwith

Please correct any discrepancies you see in that list :)
Appreciate all answers/feedback! Thanks
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    all those things are bogus when it comes to performance. look at real world benchmarks. For a start not all shaders/stream processors are built the same way, some cards can process more information per shader core, so number of cores is not everything...moving on, amount of memory is not real important, for a gaming card you want 1gb ram unless your running eyefinity, memory speed is irrelevant, memory bandwidth is important. But yeah, look at benchmarks of real world results to compare cards, forget all the shaders, core clock and crap.
  2. I should've thought of that, thanks for pointing that out, iam2thecrowe.
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  4. I'd disagree a bit....real world benchmarks are not always easy to find. Yes, you could easily find 100's of benchies on say a 570 or 6970 ..... but what about all the different versions .... I wouldn't compare those numbers on AMD vs. nVidia but it's perty safe to say that, all other things being equal, a 560 Ti at 900 / 1800 Mhz is gonna run faster than one at 830 / 1660Mhz.

    Also, eyefinity is not the consideration with memory, it's total resolution..... three 1440 x 900 monitors in eyefinity (3,888,000 pixels) require less memory than a single monitor at 2560 x 1600 (4,096,000 pixels)
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