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Hi everyone, I'm having this trouble since yesterday, after my PC crashed and freezes, it corrupted my windows, and I had to reformat it, I thought it was a hard disk failure that caused this, I quickly back up my documents and I bought a new hard disk. After I re-installed windows, I thought the problem is solved, I go on with installing programs that I use, and surfing the web for some updates, then it freezes again, then after a hard reboot, I went back to installing stuff and it freezes again. So I did memtest, intel burn test, prime95, furmark for few hours and it didn't show any problems with it, I checked the temperatures and it's all below 50ºc under load, so temps mostly is not the cause. Then I went back to normal installing and surfing, it freezes again. This time I thought it was my SB burnt of something, then I went to my local store and grabbed a new motherboard and test with both hard disk, test including memtest, intel burn test, prime95, I tried to switch memory stick and it's still the same. I tried to switch all except the processor, but prime95 and intel burn test didn't show any errors on it. The freezes won't come out under intensive loads, but instead it will creep out at normal work like installing and surfing the web, that makes me confused.

I'm so headless and don't know what to do except going to my local store tomorrow and get a new processor. Any experts that had experience with this issue before? Please kindly help. Thanks in advance.

My specs,
AMD Phenom II X4 945@1.15625v I also tried putting back the voltage to normal but no luck, I've undervolt it for one and a half year.
Asus M4A785TD-M / Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H
2x2GB Kingston DDR3-1333 I've tried to put more voltage as some forum suggest but no luck.
On board graphics
Samsung 500GB / WD 1TB Blue
Seasonic 500w 80 Plus PSU

Thanks in advance.
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  1. if you have a spare psu try changing the psu
  2. Ok, I'll do that, but it's strange that even load, my PC won't freeze. It will only freeze when I do the normal stuff.
  3. well you have replaced or tested everything else-- if the cpu passed prime 95 it should be ok so only leaves the psu
  4. Ok, I find it quite strange, in HWmonitor my DRAM shows -6.xxv, is that the problem?
  5. looks peculiar--but if it passed memtest it then the ram should be ok
  6. I'm waiting for the extra PSU from my house mate, seems like it really looks like the PSU. I didn't suspect it because it's new. Maybe only at 10~20% load it can't deliver clean power.
  7. its rare for something new to be faulty but have had it happen to me once or twice--if your house mate has a pc that can take your ram then double test it in his pc
  8. I've switch ram with my main rig, which is the HyperX, the PC still freeze. Not much point trying it anyway, I'm lazy to take out the X760 from it due to i did cable management and I don't want to ruin it and putting them back again, haha.
  9. fair enough--change the psu and see how you get on
  10. I was soo-oo-ooo happy when the 1st 15 minutes, I can install the drivers and stuff without freezing, but that ends with a freeze 1 minute ago.
  11. Can't really say the processor is faulty when it can pass 10 to 20 Intel burn test with no trouble and hours of prime95... and the temps never gone more than 55ºc even my room is 33~35ºc.
  12. Okay, it comes down to this, I replaced everything besides the processor...
    I'll try to loan one from my friend or local shop to test...
    If it works, I'm considering the new Fusion A8, it is worth for my work PC? Or should I get only the processor like 955, I wish to get the 945 due to it's lower TDP, or just sell the remaining parts and get a laptop and live with it.
    I play some games like League of Legends on my work PC sometimes, my HD4200@700MHz can play at 1080p with all settings turned to very low.

    I've answers in my heart, I just need some confirmation before my purchase.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. Mystery solved. It was my PCI Wireless card that caused this much trouble to me.

    Very good lesson...

    My balls hurt so bad...
  14. got there in the end :D
  15. Took me 3 freaking days to find out... What a deadly wireless card... I almost changed all my components...
    Anyway, I upgraded to A8 3850, now testing with it. Haha
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