Advice needed for new desktop build

Hi, I am going to build a system for performing heavy processing stuff (e.g. running heavy calculation based programs). The budget is around $1300 or less. I'm a beginner in this.

These are the current specs I have in mind.

Processor: i7 2600k (plan to OC to 4.5ghz or optimal based on other specs)
MOBO: ASUS P8P67 (Any P67 MOBO for recommendation?)
Memory: 2 x 4GB KINGSTON PC1333 D3 (I do not know if it's worth getting dual channel for faster processing speed. But this system will mainly use for performing calculation based program most of the time. Does a DC 4gb RAM = 8gb?)
Casing: Cooler Master CM 690 II Plus
PSU: Cooler Master 650W GX (A/80+) W/LED (is 650w enough? not planning to make future upgrade.)
CPU Cooler: Not sure if this is necessary. I've heard that i7 2600k does well in dissipating heat itself. But the system may need to run 24/7. If needed, which CPU cooler is recommended?
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  1. Welcome to the forum. Without knowing which programs (and maybe even after knowing :)) It's hard to know whether the HT on the 2600K is a worthy upgrade, but I'm going to trust that it is. The GPU most likely doesn't need to be quite so powerful, but the specific applications may change this also. RAM - yes, if you have two 4GB sticks in dual channel that equals 8GB total. Don't get that PSU, I'm not sure how much it is, but you'd be better off with a quality 550W model - maybe an Antec Neo Eco 520C. The stock HSF should do fine, even 24/7. If you know which programs will me used mostly, it may help us make some further decisions better.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply.

    1. What do you mean by HT?

    2. For memory wise, so one unit of this CORSAIR CMX-X3M2A1600C = to 8gb? and how much processing speed will it increase will dual channel? more than 10%? Virtual memory are much used by the software for operations.

    3. How do i know if a PSU is of quality one? With the spec above, 550w is enough?

    4. It will be running some custom made software. This software will continuously doing heavy math and logical operations in multiple threads and little I/O operation. It can be customize to consume as much processing power as the processor allowed. It will mostly run at 80% of the CPU usage as I am not sure what will happen if a processor is running at 100% for 24/7.
  3. 1)Hyperthreading.

    2)Not sure what your asking about the ram. Get a dual channel kit. 2x4GB kit is 8GB.

    3)I'd recommend a Antec 650w. 550w is plenty but if your planning on overclocking or upgrading the video card later on, go with the 650w.
  4. ^+1. For the PSU, search for reviews online - jonnyguru, hardocp, others have thorough testing procedures for them.
    I missed the fact that you were overclocking in the first post, so you will need a cooler like the Hyper 212+.
  5. For the memory, am I able to get dual channel performance with 2 stick of 4gb ram instead a 8gb dual channel kit?
  6. ^ I'm a little confused, but as long as you have two sticks with the same frequency, timings, voltage, etc., they can run in dual channel. If you want 8GB, get a 2x4GB set.
  7. Sorry, I'm just confuse with the item sheet that the seller is providing. I got mixed up with the value ram and performance ram pricing as all memory listing in their dual channel category is performance memory. Now I wonder how much difference will it make having performance memory compare to value ones in terms on my application. Do I even need to use one with thermal sensor at all?

    In addition, I read from the intel's website that i7 2600k memory type is 1066/1333. Will my system benefit from 1600 or more?
  8. I'm not too picky with the 'features' of RAM sticks, and more with general quality. I would find a nice 1333MHz set with any latency <10 and with a low profile heatspreader. No, 1600MHz doesn't boost any chipset's performance that much, but if you are going to 4.5GHz you could get some if it's within ~$5 or so dollars.
  9. Thanks guys for the advice.
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