A880G+ mobo hyper transport sync flood error

Hey everyone!

A while back my laptop's mobo fried itself, so rather than replace the board I invested in a desktop and a netbook.

My rig was built from scratch and runs beautifully; specifically, it was designed to meet SWTOR's recommended specs.

However, whenever I run any kind of graphic heavy program, such as SWTOR or even Spore (from 2008!) I can only play for a brief time period before I hear clicking noises coming from inside my tower, and eventually a system crash and reboot.

Upon reaching the BIOS page for my Biostar A880G+ motherboard, I get the message that I experienced a hypertransport sync flood error, and then the computer reboots itself and everything seems fine.

My buddy who built it suggested it might be my hard drive, but I doubt that is the case; it is almost brand new and was actually my old laptop HD (I had to get my laptop's HD replaced shortly before the mobo crapped itself).

This whole thing is incredibly frustrating, because I feel like I dumped money into something that isn't paying off, and I would appreciate any help related to it. I have some knowledge of computers but I'm not a big techie.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit professional.

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  1. On the BIOS screen I saw that the HT over voltage was posted at 1.22V, the Memory Over voltage at 1.60V and the chipset over voltage at 1.23V, if that helps. In addition, the HT speed/width were set to AUTO.
  2. It's probably memory related - maybe a bad stick, or possibly voltage. Test each stick individually.

    You should also check the model#. Some flavors of GSkill do not play nice with AMD.
  3. How do I go about that?
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