Performance jump from intel core 2 duo 2 ghz to Intel core i7 960

How big of a performance jump am i looking at going from intel core 2 duo centrino 2 ghz dual core to Intel core i7 960 quad core at 3.2 ghz?
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  1. Centrino is not a CPU, it's a platform which includes the CPU and Intel specific wireless technology, and probably something else that I can't remember.

    The first generation Core i series (Clarkdale, socket 1156) is about 12% - 15% faster than the Core 2 Duo CPUs, clock for clock. Therefore, a i7 960 is roughly equivalent to a C2D CPU at approx. 3.6GHz.

    The two additional cores in the i7 will also boost performance assuming whatever program or game you use can take advantage of more than 2 cores.

    The 2nd generation Core i series (Sandy Bridge, socket 1155) is about 10% faster than Clarkdale CPUs at the same clock speed.
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