Asus or Asrock??


i ll be running a core i7 2600k as of now with a good amount of overclock. Atleast 4.5ghz and system will be on for lot of time. Looking for a performance motherboard with some really good OC features.

these are few motherboards I was considering..

Asus Maximus V GENE : I assume very good built quality

ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 : value for money types

Suggest me some good mobos please.. or any of the above..

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  1. Maximus V GENE +1
  2. This you needed :)
  3. yea was eyeing the same.. :) was just getting dragged by the cheap asrock.. just to know is maximus v gene's built quality much better than the asrock's??
  4. Have been running ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 for about a week now and it's perfectly stable with a good power delivery system. Got 4.4GHz overclock on a stock voltage i5-3570K with a cheap air cooler. I like Asus but will never change from ASRock if this is what they're all like.
  5. For Quality + Feauture = ASUS
    Money + Feauture = ASROCK

  6. the price difference between the two is a good amount!! which would be the better in terms of price performance ratio???
  7. Asrock z68 but needed flash BIOS to use IB PROCESSOR
  8. i am considering for using the robust H100 for cooling.. so cooling shouldn be an issue..
  9. If you mean H100 HYDRO FROM CORSAIR then imo no issue :)
  10. wat would be the best combination ??
  11. Its upto need But imo H100 + ASROCK Z68 is good :)
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