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I've recenly begun the search for a graphics card that will meet my specific needs, however i've been seeing conflicting prices at the same store on the same card. My question is why are (what appear to be) the exact same product boxed differently varying in price by nearly 50 dollars?
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  1. It might be a memory size difference. Some cards come in 1GB and 2GB versions, and that might account for the difference in price.
  2. different manufacturers sell the same chips at different prices, and one may be an overclocked edition of a card, this could be why, and yeah that pretty much appears to be the same products boxed differently.... is this what you are referring to? what two products specifically?

    All of these cards appear to be the same 1 gig 6850, but as you can see prices vary greatly
  4. lol yeah like I said above they are all different manufacturers of the same 1 gig 6850 card, I see an XFX, Asus, Gigabyte, HIS, etc these are the respective manufacturers, but yeah they are basically the same card, looking at all those choices I would definatley go with this one....

    XFX has a lifetime warranty and it is still 150, some of the more expensive one have a factory overclock which will amount to very little real world performance gain and can easily be done yourself, not worth paying extra money for, and a 6850 for 150 is a pretty darn good deal imo, id pull the trigger on it, if you list your full system specs we can tell you if that card makes sense for your system however...

    That's a previous thread that helped me decide to purchase a 6850 and includes my current specs. However, if there are other options that would provide better performance in the same price range i'm open to them. Omit the option of duel 9800s though, my motherboard supports crossfire, not SLI.
  6. yeah out of the cards you listed no doubt the 6850 is the best choice, there are better cards out there, but you might not need much more, but what is your resolution and budget? if you go much higher than a 6850 you will really need to start oc'ing the already marginal Q series quad, so if you wanna match up a card with your system currently, 6850, however if you can stretch you budget a bit, again psu and resolution pending... I'd stretch for a gtx 560 or 6950, although a 6850 would do just fine and be more friendly on your psu
  7. 1920x1080 is my resolution. I plan to crossfire these cards in a few weeks as well as update my motherboard and cpu, however I haven't really looked at my options as far as motherboards and cpus
  8. if you are cross firing id get 2 6950/70 2 gig, as far as mobo and cpu I'd def get a p67 motherboard and an i5 2500k cpu, If you give me a budget for everything I can probably get a little more precise, I would however avoid an am3 setup bc for not much more money you can have a lot more powerful of a processor in an i5-2500k plus they can easily overclock well over 4 gigahertz with the stock cooler.
  9. Around 500 for the second card, mobo and cpu
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