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Help choose CPU I5 vs I7

Hi all,

I have read on multiple sites (including the article best CPU for $$$ on this site) that i5 2500k is plenty for gaming and anything over this (Iiand +) won't make a huge difference in games...

Yet everyone here on the forums seems to have an i7... is there a reason ?


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  1. Different uses Neil.

    You said it yourself, i5 is plenty for gaming. Games use many things (RAM, CPU, MOBO, GPU) where someone that is into vid editing, photoshop, many many web pages, rendering video, streaming, all of that at the same time, would get an i7, (even though i5 would do it)

    So to answer your question, why do people get a 150,000 dollar lambo, ever, for anything, why would you ever get it? It's sort of like that, except there will be more of a use for i7 in near future then there will a lambo but you understand the metaphor.
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    i7 is the way to go if you use programs that can take advantage of Hyper Threading such as video encoding and 3D rendering.

    If you don't use any programs that gets a performance boost from HT, there's no real point in spending the extra $100 unless you just want to boast to people that you have an i7 CPU.

    You will generally get three reactions if you bought a Core i7 CPU:

    1. People with very little or no tech knowledge will scratch their heads and walk away.

    2. People with a little bit of knowledge (enough to get into trouble) will say "Awesome, dude."

    3. People with enough knowledge, will either:
    a. Tell you the i7 will not improve your gaming experience; or
    b. They will laugh at you behind your back.
  3. Very very well put Jag
  4. LOL Jag, yeah get the cheaper i5 unless you plan on transcoding/encoding a lot.
  5. +1
    ciruclate + jag excellent advice
    I think people generally 'over-estimate' their computing needs, may be because they lack knowledge or may be because they just don't feel concerned enough throwing away few hundred extra bucks.


    Tech side of the OP's question aside, check this out form Lamborghini 670LP4's brochure (about sound of its exhaust):

    "The heavy rumble of a stormy night, through the trumpeting of mighty elephants, to the roar of a raging lion."

    Won't you agree that you can't something like that in a Ford Mondeo's brochure? ;)
  6. I'm currently in the process of building a computer and am having trouble deciding between the i5-2500k and the i7-2600k.

    I plan to definitely use it for gaming, but I will also be doing a fair amount of Solidworks rendering and simulation.

    Does anyone know if it'd be worthwhile to make the upgrade to the i7? I have room in my budget.

  7. The answer to that is up to you on how much of a saving you want. Take a look at this benchmark
    While there is very small difference in most of the benchmarks but when it comes to rendering the differences show up.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. Thanks! That's very helpful. I'll probably just save the money and go with the i5.
  9. Just for gaming, there really is no reason to get an i7 over an i5, there will be no performance gain 95% of the time. I went with a 2500k myself, I'm betting by the time most games are making proper use of 8 threads I'll be in the market for a new CPU anyways.
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