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AMD Athlon II X4 635 overclock question


k so i have a AMD Athlon II X4 635 had it for like a year now and im thinking of overclocking it and i want to know if i need a better cooler then the one that it came with,as i never overclock nothing b4 lol but want to give a try.So what cooler will i need to do this? My motherboard is H-RS880-uATX .
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    Well, the Athlon II x4 635 has good OC'ing ability. Just download speedfan and keep a close watch on the temp of the CPU. While OC'ing do it in very small incraments and test the temps under a stress condition (download stressing program)

    You should invest in an aftermarket HSF (Heat sink and fan). A nice copper zalman is my suggestion.

    Happy OC'ing.
  2. Hyper 212+ is good for the money
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