S the HD 6770M significantly better than the HD Mobility 5650?

I got the dv6tse with i5, 1GB ATI Mobility 5650, backlit keyboard, blu-ray drive with $300 off coupon for $750

Should I return and purchase the new dv6tse with i5(sandy bridge), 1GB ATI 6770M, no backlit and no blu-ray with $250 off coupon for $850?

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  1. Not worth it
    "The 3D performance should be a bit improved compared to the older Radeon HD 5770 due to the larger amount of shaders and higher clock speed. "
  2. Why dont you order the new Sandy Bridge dv6 i7 qaud ed with HD6770m for $824
    go to logicbuy.com there is a coupon that you have to input to get it to that price.
  3. No, while the 6770 is better the rest of the specs are way better in the original system.
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