Router not connecting for no apparent reason

So I have this huge problem with my router. I started having problems with it when I didn't use it for a while and then moved to a new apartment (it was working fine before). It's a TP-LINK TL-WR741ND with a firmware version of 3.12.4 v1 Build 100910 Rel.57694n.

It starts to not work at some random time for no reason quite often. Nothing helps then - rebooting, resetting factory defaults, upgrading firmware even. At that point I can't even access the router's local configuration page. I tried putting it in every single spot in my apartment - that didn't help.

It's doing the same on two laptops - Toshiba and HP. They have wireless strength set to max.

But now, for example, I'm using it just fine (sometimes I get a timeout). But when "that" happens, it happens - I can't even connect to the router even when it's so close, that it's touching the computer. I tried switching off unnecessary appliances (that didn't help), making a wireless map with Ekahau Heat Mapper to see if there's a signal strong enough (there's a strong signal all over the place).

There are a few wireless neighbouring connections, and I made sure that the used channel is different from theirs. I tried turning off security and that, of course, didn't help.

After all this, I got tired of it and sent it to an official TP-LINK warranty centre with a note explaining the situation. They sent a new router with a note "wireless didn't work, router changed". The new one acted just like the old one. So I sent this new one to the centre saying that nothing changed. And a few days ago I got a call that they "fixed" both routers, and they're sending in the new one back because it's working absolutely perfect and before that, and i quote: "the configuration got stuck".

So I got this 2nd router back with a note that they "fixed" the router, by upgrading the "frimware" (typo in handwriting??). I've upgraded the firmware before on the router, and that didn't help.

So guess what, I've been using the wireless connection just fine yesterday, but all afternoon today it was acting crazy and it wasn't possible to connect to it in any way. It's all working again now like nothing happened.

It would so so so much appreciated if you could give me any tips on what to do. Thanks
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  1. I've tested the router at my parents' place, where they have the same ISP as I do. And it didn't even take 3 seconds for me to get connected. It was fast, trouble-free and perfect connection in every way. I am able to connect fine via the Ethernet cable.
    I went to the ISP, called them, emailed them, but they're saying that there's nothing they can do. I'm guessing the router is working fine as well, since it's been 2 times to the service centre and it works great in other apartments.

    So the last thing that pops into my head is some electronic wireless interference, since there are a large number of networks around (~8-10 at any given time). Like I mentioned, I made a map of wireless coverage with Ekahau Heat Mapper and there are quite a few strong signals overlaying my router's signal. The thing is, I've tried switching to different, unusable channels and different frequencies with no luck whatsoever.

    Any advice on what should I do? Buy some kind of a wireless booster for the antenna or what?

    Thanks a million.
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