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Amd H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) manual

i have an hp pavilion p6510y with this motherboard - i have bought a new power supply, corsair 600w cx600 builder series, it has many options for connectors - : my question is in the old power supply - they have used a 20 pin atx power supply to the motherboard (it will fit a 24 though) and a separate 4 pin. the new psu has a 24 pin (option to remove 4 pin to make a 20 pin) should i set the new psu up exactly like the old configuration or can i use the 24 pin ? if yes - do i then need to use the separate 4 pin?
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    You can connect all 24 pins of the ATX 20+4 power connector from the power supply unit to the motherboard's 24-pin ATX power connector.

    You still need to connect a 4-pin ATX power connector from the power supply unit to the motherboard's 4-pin ATX power connector. This is strictly a +12 Volt power connection and is used by the CPU's VRM circuit to provide power for the CPU. If left unconnected the PC won't boot because the CPU isn't receiving any power.

    Corsair calls this connector an EPS/ATX12V CPU Cable connector that has 8 pins. This connector is actually made up of two 4-pin connectors. You will find that the connector can be split into two 4-pin ATX12V1 connectors. Just use one of those 4-pin connectors for the CPU power connector.
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