Add another 5850 or 6950?

I've been thinking about upgrading my graphics for a bit now. 5850 prices have been settling around $170ish after mirs, and 6950 are around 230-250ish. I was thinking of just selling my 5850 buying a good (unlocked vcore). Do they still have the ability to be flashed to 6970? psu -> 650tx

Suggestions? Thanks!
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    Well two 5850s are killer and would be much faster than a single 6950 or 6970. And remember that while the flash could work, it's generally risky as the cards maybe be "binned" as having worse components.

    But I mean you probably can't sell a 5850 for even $150 since it's used. Let's say $125... So you're spending around $125 more for the 6950.

    As someone with two 5850s I don't see why not just CF them and enjoy some excellent performance and upgrade later when it'll be a big jump up like to the 7xxx series next year.

    The only reason I'd take the 6950 now is if it's the 2gb model and I was going to do eyefinity, but even then you really need two 6950s to have enough GPU power.
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  4. Thanks guy. I think the only reason i wanted the 6950 is because my current 5850 cant really oc for squat. I can usually get the core clock to around ~800-810 before it starts throwing artifacts and bsod.
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