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I did talk to the Geek Squad about this but I wanted to make sure. Basicly I found out that my Intel HD graphics card has 128mb of dedicated video ram and the rest will share from my 4 GB system ram. Now is it really true that todays onboard video cards have some dedicated ram for the video card? I just see on my system specs it says that 128mb is dedicated video memory and then total avaliable video ram is 1751mb. So basicly 1623mb is shared from my system when a game or program needs more than 128mb of ram?
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  1. Since if this is right any programs that use more than 128mb will be slower than the dedicated video ram that is 128mb. I know that video ram is usualy faster than shared memory so basicly if a game only needs 128mb or less then it should run as good as a dedicated video card but anything over 128mb will use the system memory which is slower I think. But I don't know if this is true for todays computers. But I do know that Intel said that the new Intel HD graphics card is a entry-level video card.
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