LCD monitor flickers when extended desktop with plasma tv

I have a 23" lcd monitor and a new 50" plasma tv

As soon as I connected the plasma to the pc the lcd monitor started flickering. It was fine with the old 37" lcd tv. Lcd monitor doesn't flicker when connected to a laptop.

TV connected dvi-hdmi

Tried swapping outputs.
Tried swapping pci-e power connectors.
Tried performance 3d via Rivatuner.
Tried updating drivers.
Windows power settings on high performance

The flickering is now intermittent.

W7 64bit
Intel quad core
4gb ram
video card bfg 8800gtx
Thermaltake 550w psu

I am now at a loss.

Help please!
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  1. I'm not an expert, but the thing that comes to mind is that the LCD monitor is probably at 60 Hz refresh rate and the plasma TV is probably much higher, like maybe 240 Hz?
  2. Thanks very much for your reply,

    You are right, the plasma is 600 hz and the LCD is 60 hz

    Does this make a difference? I can't set the plasma to more than 60 hz in the graphics card.
  3. Also it is possible to see slight flicker on the plasma when you look with your peripheral vision.
  4. Hopefully, by responding we can keep your thread bumped to the top, but I don't have the answer here. I do think your google search needs to include "plasma refresh rate" and "nvidia driver settings". Does your Nvidia Control Panel list the 600 hz refresh rate as supported? There is a huge difference in refresh rates, so it seems like the plasma refresh is being held back and not fully up to 600 hz.
  5. Thank you for your help.

    The search continues!
  6. Well we seem to have solved the problem... hopefully!

    We borrowed another monitor with an hdmi connection and plugged that in and... no flickering.
    We tried the borrowed monitor with the VGA connection and... flickering!

    It seems that there is a conflict/interference between the plasma hdmi connection and the monitors VGA connection.

    An analogue/digital conflict?

    With two hdmi connections there is no flickering.

    Our monitor only has VGA... looks like we might need a new monitor :cry:
  7. That seems logical, and like a bummer. On the bright side, I hear prices are low, and now is the best time to buy a new monitor.
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