BSOD with more than 1 stick of ram

I have been working on this problem for a while and this is the first time I haven't been able to solve a computer problem myself. So here I am hoping for some help.

I recently formatted and re installed windows 7 ultimate on a machine. Since Then Every time I try to install Catalyst Control Center Upon reboot I get the BSOD saying that the "attempt to restart the display driver timed out". After a couple weeks and tons of hardware testing I have found that If I pull put all but 1 stick of ram the machine boots up and runs fine. I have tested all 4 sticks in all 4 slots so I know all the slots and all the sticks work. I also test multiple video cards in my machine and get the same result with them all. I have also tested my video card in another machine and it works fine.

I ran a memtest while all 4 sticks where installed and it came up clean.

so why would the machine only boot up when only 1 stick is installed in the machine?

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  1. Was the system working with all the slots and mem. before format and re-install? Was it the same version of windows? Is this only a CCC install problem or will the system not run at all with more than 1 stick in? You must have .Net framewok 4 installed( for CCC to work. Did you have all 4 sticks in when you installed windows? I am a bit confused as to what your issue is; CCC or general not working. Please post system hardware specs also. Tks
  2. Yes, the system was working with all four sticks prior to the re install. I went from windows 7 basic to windows 7 ultimate. The system will run with all 4 sticks but only until I try and install any type of updated video drivers, after that I get the BSOD on reboot. If at that point I remove all but 1 stick the machine runs fine. net framework 4 is installed, yes all 4 sticks were in when I installed windows. I am confused as to what the issue is myself. I cannot post full system specs atm since I am at work on my laptop.
  3. Run memtest86. If that fails, it's a RAM issue. If not, it's likely a driver bug exposed by your particular configuration.
  4. Please post the vid. card model. Since win7 has native AMD/ATI drivers it does sound like a driver issue to me. What version drivers are you trying to install?
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