To uprade or build new?

so my current gaming system is:

ASRock P45XE
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5D, 2x2048mb
asus EAH4870/DK/HTDI/512M, 512MB GDDR5
1000 watt northQ psu

the memory became broken. and since they are out of production. i have been refunded approx 95 dollars.

anyhow i can't decide if to buy some new ddr2 and upgrade my case and hdd and etc. or build a new pc. and use the psu / dvd burner and etc. again.

the reason for a new case would be to overclock. better airflow and etc. to maximise the time i can use it to game new games with and i got only 500 gb. so new harddrive no matter what.

but maybe the 90 dollar is better spent towards a new pc. and maybe reuse the 4870. otherwise maybe 2 x 6950 in CF . this is a far more expensive solution though. but its a gaming rig. normally i wouldent have upgraded now. but in around 1 - 2 years.

what is your thoughts ?
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    I'd say sell your processor and motherboard on craigslist (etc.), and just buy new Sandy Bridge gear / DDR3. I'd personally get a single 6950 or 560Ti for now, and add another later.
  2. Auctually. Originally i was planning to add another 4870 (is why im on 1000 watt psu). But when i finaly do begin to feel the need for one more. They arent anywhere to find.

    Not sure its easy to sell that old stuff. But i got an old psu laying around. So i could make a server out of the old pc or something. I got a media center pc already. Which i use for looking on internet / watch youtube and etc. So its purely a gaming rig this one :)
  3. Not sure where you are located, but I find it super easy to sell PC components and systems. Ebay is terrible, but local classifieds (, kijiji, craigslist) make it quick and painless (and free).

    Also, even crossfire 4870s wouldn't give you as much performance as a single 6950....
  4. I fill your pain I have been tormented about upgrading my cross fire hd4870 as well but in order to make it worth my money I have to get at least a hd6950.
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