E8400 + 6950

havent overclocked the cpu i guess i could but will the cpu bottleneck the gpu at all at 1920 by 1080 on like crysis or dragon age 2 crysis 2 w.e i might be playing?
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  1. I would overclock your cpu. I use to run my e8400 at 4.0 ghz with water cooling but with a good air heatsink you would be fine.
  2. Well that is a pretty nice GPU...
    I think you might be ok if you overclock but I would reccomend a high frequency quad core cpu. (Intel doesn't make triple core CPUs.)
    From what I've read GPU's don't need much more than a triple core running at about 2.8Ghz - 3.0Ghz. Obviously, the faster the better.

    Personally I'm running a Quad core at 3.6GHz on a much slower video card.
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