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Single Slot Nvidia cards

So I am trying to find a good single slot profile nvidia card with hopefully 1GB of memory preferably DDR5

Has anyone see and or knows some cards that they can suggest, I would prefer to use atleast the 240 chipset.

SO ANY GOOD HELP OR POINTERS for out of the box single slot cards or cards with fan mods to make them single slot as I have a case with a wall of four fans behind this mobo so I have Massive air cooling SO any good suggestions and I will probably do a dance :bounce:
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  1. Galaxy and KFA2 make single slot versions of the GTX 460.

    So this was all I was seeing

    But it looks like Galaxy made one razor edition last year but nothing resent

    Im actually using these cards in an extreme version of security system for Spot monitors to make up a video wall so anyone know how reliable kfa2 is and if this company keeps models around for a while or if they are hella quick to eol um and then they are impossible to find?

    looks like the SAME card any idea who makes these for them???
  4. DNFSecurity said:

    looks like the SAME card any idea who makes these for them???

    Kfa2 and Galaxy are the same company but Kfa2 are supposed to be the Euro "performance" dept.
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  6. awesome that sparkle one might just fit the bill. Not a huge fan of the fruity purple but hey hardware is hardware right?

    Thanks Folks for all your input so far I am gonna try and see if I can contact the manufacturer and get them direct. IF anyone else has anything else to suggest Please do as backups or alternates are always a good thing to have!

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