Hd 5770 Crossfire or HD 6950

Hey Everyone,

Got a quick question for ya. So I'm building up a new system for myself, and orginally I was planning (due to budget) of getting 2 x (crossfire) 5770's. But, then i found a good deal on a HD 6950 and was wondering what your guys feedback is on this, should i crossfire the 2 5770's, or get a 6950?


System build:

AMD Phenom II X4 955
ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 Motherboard
G.SKILL NQ Series DDR3 1333MHz Tri Channel (3 x 2048)
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  1. What is your system specification and monitor resolution, what do you plan to do with your build?
  2. sorry, i edited the post with my system specs. My monitor is 1600 x 900 i beleive... i'd like to play some video games.....
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    I'd go for the 6950.

    At your res you can probably just run a single 5770 and get playable framerates. But the 6950 may unlock into a 6970 (2gb version I believe has the chance of unlocking) and it scales with crossfire extremely well, whereas the 5000 class of GPUs don't scale as well.

    5770 crossfire may be overkill at your monitor resolution, even the single 6950 is overkill. But if you ever upgrade your monitor to a higher res or add other monitors then you'd be getting the best bang out of your buck.

    In the future if you require more power you can just pop in another 6950 (or 6970) and get fantastic performance.

    Go with the 6950, 2GB or even 1GB version. Great video card and you'd be future proofing more than opting to go the 5770x2 route
  4. +1 for 6950.
    5770 is an outdated card.
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