2nd oppinion on bad Mobo?

So im a bit of a noob when it comes to building computers.

I just built a new computer with a z68 gen 3 Mobo with ivy bridge processor.

I installed everything and it only booted for about a few seconds then turned off.

So i troubled shooted all the way down to where it wasnt ram, video card, or psu by using my cpu in my 2nd computer.

I had power hooked up too mobo and that was all and still only turned on for a few seconds.

So i decided to take everything apart and put it back together and even take processor out and put it back in and reinstall hsf. the whole nine yards.

Afterwards it wouldnt boot at all.

So i repeated that step again and no luck.

So i sending back mobo and change to a different mobo since i read afterwards z68 wont worth with ivy bridge without a bios update.

My question is if it was the processor would it still of booted or shown some signs of Life.

I didnt even get any lights on in the Mobo.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Post your PC specs....
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