HD 6950 1gb vs gts 560ti

As the title suggest, I am stuck between these two cards. I was thinking of getting the HD 6950 2gb to flashed to the 6970 it but I hear that the performance boost isn't that great and my current monitor is 1600x 900 so the extra 1gb seems worthless in my case. I'm leaning towards the HD 6950 but I might have to buy a bigger case and I hear that this card can get pretty hot. The GTX 560 ti seems to loose some performance but the sound levels and heats levels are lower. Also I would have to buy the HD 6950 on newegg (unlike the rest of my build) because the prices in micro center are too high for this card. So what do you guys think, is the performance boost of the HD 6950 worth the hassle. On a side note what watts would I need to run these cards on sli/xfire? All help is appreciated.
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    I <3 microcenter but newegg is general cheaper. I faced this same decision i went with the 6950 1gb in the end.
    there are cheaper ones though.
    i found that generally the card depended on the game but most slipped in the 6950's favor more so when unlocked if u get the 2gb. but at your res im sure both will be just fine for about any game max settings. so really like youll find everywhere else it comes down to preference. and to do sli/xfire u just need a mobo that supports it a good psu 750w or 800w maybe and thats abt it
  2. Both good cards, but you will not utilize either with the present resolution you have. You planning to upgrade the monitor soon?

    What PSU do you have??
  3. Thanks for the info htapocysp,

    Im planning to upgrade in a few month maybe, I can probably get a 1680x1050 from a friend earlier though, as for the psu I haven't built my desired system yet, I can post the part If it would help.
  4. Who told you the performance boost of 6950 2gb flashed to 6970 isn't great?

    You don't even have to flash it to a 6970, just unlocking the extra shaders gives a pretty big boost alone.
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  6. vhunter said:

    Did you even read that review???

    They never even tested against a 6970. LOL They "simulated" a 6970.
  7. I guess I'm just skeptical of flashing the bios, and for a 2-4% increase it doesn't seem worth it imo. I also hear that people have had their flashed card die within a few weeks, this is from reviews and forumites though.
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